Coastal Roots Salon is beyond excited to announce a breast cancer awareness fundraiser owner Lynn Osborne premiered in Hampton Roads over 14 years ago!  This fund raiser has raised over $10,000 in the years past! This year, we’ve given it a new name. . .Positively Pink! Our amazing group of extension artists have volunteered their time on select dates to install Pink SheHair Fusion Extensions. For each $10 donation, you’ll receive 1 pink hair extension to pay honor to all who fight breast cancer and support finding a cure! All money raised will remain local and benefit the Cancer Care Foundation of Tidewater. Please help us blow our fundraising efforts out of the water! Together we can help make a difference!

Positively Pink Hair Extension Campaign Dates
Thurs. Sept. 26 6pm (Hunter)
Sat. Oct. 5 9am (Jessy)
Thurs. Oct. 10 7pm (Jenn)
Sat. Oct.19 9am (Jessy)
Thurs. Oct. 24 7pm (Katrina)

Space is limited and you must rsvp! Call or CLICK HERE to contact us via our form!